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Build a culture of 

It’s about more than investigations. It’s about building a culture that encourages workers at all levels to talk about what’s not working in order to build a better workplace. 

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Navigate the Crossroads

Diversity is a good thing and consistency is required to limit liability. But navigating the road to treating everyone the way they want to be treated can lead to a perception of discrimination. Like any good road trip, you need a good map.

Create your plan

95% of HR Professionals surveyed believe that communicate with and transition employees back to work post COVID-19 will have a direct impact on retention and the success of the company. Learn how to create an effective plan.

Learn from the pros

Conduct effective, respectful and drama-free workplace investigations with tips and tricks from experienced HR investigators who have seen it all. 

Drive consistent accountability

Changing the employee experience of a workplace investigation from fearful to effective helps build a culture of accountability. Create a standardized business process and begin to drive toward positive change. 

Build a strong cultural foundation

Just like your house, a company culture without a strong foundation (accountability) and supporting beams (civility and communication) will eventually fall. Build a strong work-house where both the company and the employees will prosper.

Preparing for Risk

Balancing company risk exposure while allowing employee flexibility to maintain a positive company culture is always a challenge. But never more than in a time of a worldwide pandemic.

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The top 6 reasons all businesses need an Employee Relations Investigations and Case Management System:

    1. 87% of employees say they don’t know how to bring forward a concern or complaint.
    2. Employees that don’t understand what happens after an issue is reported, won’t come forward.
    3. Employers who have a trusted means for receiving employee concerns reduce their exposure to potential claims by 52%.
    4. An automated investigation process can reduce the time it takes HR to conduct an investigation by 35%.
    5. Tracking every issue in a case management platform provides insight to proactively reduce exposure to liability.
    6. Clear and customizable analytics allow HR to report how effectively employee relations and culture building efforts are working and prove ROI.

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