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InvestiPro is 
Don’t be fooled by the simple look of our workplace investigation dashboard. Although InvestiPro is easy to use, the complex compliance and consistency measures are built-in behind the scenes to ensure an unbiased and defensible workplace investigation process and outcome.

Complete Employee Relations Case Management System

Listen and document every workplace incident and concern.

Emma is InvestiPro’s friendly, accessible chatbot. Employees can easily connect with Emma around the clock using the web and hotline. Workers can share concerns or report incidents to hr professionals. Emma gathers information properly in a safe, consistent and unbiased manner, and then automatically generates a prepared report to kick-start the hr investigations process.

Start with standardized core workplace questions.

You can say your workplace investigation process is consistent. But can you prove it? InvestiPro uses a set of standard core questions created with attorneys and professional investigators to draw out information for any type of investigation procedure. This is key to proving your workplace investigation is unbiased. Add clarifying questions to dig into the details that are necessary for a thorough workplace investigation.

Rely on our compliant investigation process flow.

While our investigation dashboard is very easy to use, don’t be fooled. Built-in compliance and consistency measures tackle the complex job of ensuring an unbiased and defensible investigation process and outcome, every time.

Analyze patterns to drive prevention.

InvestiPro’s HR investigation software includes at-a glance functional reports that allow you to monitor patterns of unwanted behaviors before they disturb the company culture you have worked so hard to build. Analyze the data based on your reporting needs for senior executives or the Board of Director, and you will have the tools you need to drive effective prevention programs across your organization.

Automate your investigations with InvestiPro’s simple, cloud-based platform.

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