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A fully-automated platform with time-saving 

Cloud-based for easy access.

Access InvestiPro anywhere, anytime, on any device. Our cloud-based software makes it easy to investigate all types of employee relations issues and protect confidentiality, even when investigations involve multiple people or locations. Our FREE Phone App simplifies the interview process for on-sight and remote workers.


“The platform has saved me a tremendous amount of time.”

-Colette Watanabe, Investigator
County of Maui Office of Corporate Counsel

Easy to use.

Get up and running with almost zero learning curve. InvestiPro’s dashboard walks you through each step of the process. Reduce your time managing investigations by 40%.

Fully automated.

InvestiPro’s chatbot, Emma, collects information on each concern or incident and automatically generates a report. Investipro self-populates information across forms and reports during the investigation, dramatically reducing data entry.

Unlimited use.

There’s no cap to the number or type of investigations. Use InvestiPro to investigate all kinds of employee relations issues, not just harassment and discrimination.

Access to HR professionals.

InvestiPro lets you pose questions directly to an experienced HR investigator. Get general guidance throughout your investigations, reducing the time and money you would otherwise spend on attorneys.

Consistent, unbiased processes.

InvestiPro’s automated chatbot, Emma, captures employee concerns in a consistent, unbiased manner. At each step of the investigation, built-in compliance and proprietary methodologies ensure a fair and consistent outcome.

Automatic tracking, and on-demand reporting.

InvestiPro automatically tracks your investigations and provides on-demand reports, so you always know where your investigations stand. Our cloud-based software securely stores your data, and clears personal identifiable data when it’s no longer needed.

EEOC and state compliant.

Our platform is kept up-to-date on all state and federal workplace investigation requirements for all 50 states.

Thorough reports.

Final reports include planning, timelines, and assessment methodology used, for a high degree of defensibility. You can prove consistent and unbiased determinations every time.

Pattern analysis for risk prevention.

InvestiPro automatically tracks and analyzes your investigations over time to identify patterns and help with early prevention and risk mitigation.

Automate your HR investigations with InvestiPro’s simple, cloud-based platform.

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