Unlimited Investigations

Unlimited means you can investigate all employee relations issues, not just harassment and discrimination.

Investigator Support

Submit questions directly to an HR investigator for general guidance throughout your investigations.

Consistent Determinations

Proprietary assessment methodology leads to consistent and unbiased determinations every time.

On-Demand Reports

Investigations are automatically tracked to identify patterns for early prevention and risk mitigation.

Features Designed to Empower HR

Remember when you started in HR and just wanted to make a positive difference in the daily work life of your employees? You still can! Providing a platform where employees can be heard, everyone is held to the same set of standards, and managers and employees know how to resolve the hard stuff together, is essential to your company culture. After all, employees who feel respected and treated fairly work harder, stay longer, and share their talents with others. And when all is said and done, isn’t that what HR is all about?

Consistent Investigation Workflow

Don’t be fooled by the simple look of our investigation dashboard. Although InvestiPro is easy to use on the surface, the complex compliance and consistency measures are built-in behind the scenes ensuring an unbiased and defensible investigation process and outcome.

Start with Standardized Core Questions

You can say your investigation process is consistent. But can you prove it? InvestiPro uses a set of standard core questions created with attorneys and professional investigators to draw out information for any type of investigation. This is key to proving your investigation is unbiased. The clarifying questions are added to dig into the details that are necessary for a thorough investigation.

A Complete Workplace Investigation from Incident Report to Determination

Single Platform for Multiple Locations

Use one tool for investigating all types of employee relations issues with multiple users and locations, while protecting confidentiality.

Defensible Documentation

The information entered into each step of an investigation is clearly reported in the Investigation Conclusion Report for defensibility.

EEOC and State Compliance

The cloud-based platform is kept up-to-date on all state and federal workplace investigation requirements for all 50 states.

No integration required. Sign up today and start your first investigation tomorrow!