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The benefits are clear. InvestiPro saves 

Automated investigations offer clear benefits over traditionally-run investigations. InvestiPro helps you save time, avoid costly mistakes, and instill confidence in your determinations.

Save time.

Automated interviews, self-populating forms and an easy-to-use dashboard can drastically reduce your time investigating incidents—by up to 40%!

Cut costs.

InvestiPro protects your budget and saves your company money by reducing your investigation time and trimming your need for costly attorney consultations. InvestiPro can also save your company thousands of dollars by reducing your legal liability. By supporting a positive company culture, InvestiPro also saves your company in the long term—with improved worker retention and productivity.

Reduce your company’s liability.

If your employees feel an investigation was handled poorly, your company could become the subject of a costly EEOC complaint. Reduce your liability and the threat of costly settlements by using a platform that produces fair, timely, and consistent investigations every time. InvestiPro’s documented compliancy and consistency measures ensure your determinations are highly defensible.

Build a culture of accountability.

InvestiPro offers a platform where employees can be heard, investigations follow a consistent process, and everyone is held to the same set of standards. Fair, timely and unbiased investigations build trust and improve company culture.

Support early resolution.

Listening is crucial to early resolution. InvestiPro’s chatbot, Emma, is ready to listen to your employees 24/7. Our automated platform gives every employee a voice and encourages employees to share concerns or incidents using a safe, non-threatening interface.

Boost prevention.

InvestiPro’s analytics automatically track your investigations to uncover patterns of unwanted workplace behavior. Boost your early prevention efforts and never be caught off guard.

Empower your HR team.

InvestiPro fosters a positive company culture where managers and employees know how to resolve the hard stuff together. InvestiPro enables your HR team to build trust, openness, and accountability. When employees are heard, respected and treated fairly, they work harder, stay longer, and share their talents with others. When it’s all said and done, isn’t that what HR is all about?

Automate your HR investigations with InvestiPro’s simple, cloud-based platform.

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