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Readers like you find value in the information! So, I am pleased to tell you that two of our hr blog posts from this year have been nominated once again. These are a couple of the most relevant posts we put out this year. A snippet and link to each are provided below. Please take a few minutes and read both of these blog posts. If you feel that I am hitting the right spot with the information you need and want to see more of, please vote for one or both of the posts using the HR Today voting links provided. Remember, we will get through this time together. Stay safe and be well…..Dana (The HR Investigator).   

Employee Complaints: Employees Want to be Heard. What’s Your Plan?

Race, age and sex discrimination • Wrongful termination • Retaliation • ADA accommodation violation • OSHA violations

These are just a few of the employee complaints that are increasing due to actions employers have and are taking since the COVID-19 Pandemic began. Let’s face it, we had to act fast based on Stay-at-Home mandates, and decisions were being made on the fly. Whether or not we followed our policies, this swift action is bound to have had an impact on employee perception.

According to a recently released SHRM article, “U.S. workers have filed about 5,000 coronavirus-related employee complaints of unsafe conditions and nearly 1,400 whistleblower complaints alleging they were fired or otherwise punished for raising coronavirus concerns.” READ MORE…

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create your company code of civility

It’s Time to Write Your Company Code of Civility!

As I speak around the U.S. about accountability and company culture, the importance of having a Code of Civility comes up quite often. In fact, it seems to permeate most of my presentations at least briefly. So, I am often asked, “Do we really need another document outlining what employees can’t do?” To which I respond, “Absolutely not!” And if your Code of Civility is full of statements telling employees what unacceptable behaviors will not be tolerated, then you’ve missed the purpose. With a Code of Civility, it about the do’s and not the don’ts.

A few years back, EEOC published a proposed guidance on harassment, which stated that “civility training” is one of the most effective measures employers can use to prevent workplace harassment. At an EEOC meeting in June 2016, Professor Cortina provided written testimony outlining the value of workplace civility training. In her testimony, she acknowledges that courts have made it clear that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal anti-discrimination statutes are not general civility codes. However, she testified that her research indicates that “so-called ‘general incivility’ is not always so general after all,” but instead can sometimes represent a covert expression of bias based on social identity. READ MORE…

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